Wealth Secrets with Alton Jones
Real Estate Investing One Day Vacant Property Tour 
July 31, 2021
 Los Angeles, CA
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  • A Wide Variety of Properties: Fantastic properties available for purchase
  •  Pre-Rehab Properties: Along with professional real estate investors to see how they determine the cost of rehab
  •  Rehab-in-Process Properties: We tour properties that are in various stages of rehab to provide some live examples of what the process looks like throughout the rehab
  •  Finished/Listed Properties: We tour properties where the rehab is complete and discuss actual purchase, rehab costs, and all the in’s and out’s
  •  We will show you the best return on investment for rehab projects
  •  We will show you the worst return for rehab projects
  •  We will talk about how we finance the projects
Come and spend a day with a Seasoned Real Estate Investor with 10 Years  of Experience Locating, Analyzing, Buying, Renovating and Selling Properties!
You’ll learn how to rehab properties correctly, how to select the right locations that match up with your investing goals, and how to select the perfect FLIP that can be acquired for little to NO MONEY down.
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Meet Our Team of Experts on the Tour:
  • Contractors
  •  Wholesalers
  •  Lenders
  •  Title & Escrow
  •  Legal & Accounting
Seats for this one day only event will not last long. Take advantage of one-on-one time with the expert and networking opportunity.   For Only $97.00 This is a wealth of knowledge for investors since it's not every day that you get to have some hands on experience in the So-Cal real estate market.
  • Learn What Properties to NEVER Buy and Why
  •  Learn How to Analyze Cash Flow Potential
  •  Learn How to put together the right team
  •  Learn what rehab projects have the best return on investment when flipping.
  •  Learn Tricks and Tips for Maximizing Cash Flow & Profits on Your Properties
  •  Learn How to Create a Customized Strategic Plan to Help You Get Started Properly
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